Off-leash dog park membership

Socialize while your dog gets to do the same!

Membership is required to use the 8000 sq ft off-leash dog park. Membership helps pay for the up keep of the park, staff bark rangers to assist members, and insures owners will take responsibility of their dogs and the space. Memberships are available for the day, month, or year. Each dog will need to show proof of up to date vaccinations upon first visit and must be spayed/neutered. Unfortunately no puppies or children are allowed in the dog park. There is a section for small dogs under 30lbs but small dogs may use the large section if they're comfortable. Adults without dogs can enter after checking in.

Dog Park Rules:

• no aggressive dogs

• owners accept all responsibility and liability for their dogs 

• entering the park is at your own risk, understanding the possibility of injury to yourself or your dog

• no children allowed 

• no people or dog food allowed, drinks are allowed

• no outside toys/treats allowed

• limit of 2 dogs per person at a time

• all dogs must have current vaccinations including rabies, DHPP, and Bordatella

• all dogs must be spayed/neutered

• you must be checked in each day you visit the park 

• owners must clean up after their dogs

• you must keep a leash on you at all times 

• dogs can only be unleashed once inside the gate 

• don't be a jerk, please 

These rules are in place to ensure a safe, fun environment for owners and their dogs. Anyone who violates these rules will be subject to ban from the park.


• Day pass $5

• Month pass $20

• Year pass $100 ($50 per additional dog up to 4 total)


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