Frequently Asked Questions

Can I come if I don't have a dog?

Absolutely! We're a great place for people of all ages to come hang out, work, read or people watch with or without a dog! 

Do I need to buy a membership to bring my dog?

Memberships are for dogs to have access to the off-leash dog park area. You can keep your dog on a leash and enjoy our dog friendly space outside of the park for free!

What if I don't like coffee?

No worries! Come and enjoy the dog park and we'll always have caffeine free options if you're in the mood for something else. 

When will you open?

We are currently fundraising to finish the build out of the property but our goal is 2019. If you'd like to stay up to date with the latest news, subscribe to our email list to be the first to know!

Why aren't children and puppies allowed?

We don't hate children and puppies we promise. It's simply a safety concern and they are only prohibited in the off-leash dog park. We highly encourage children and puppies to enjoy the rest of the space!